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Origin: Gulf Coast

Genres:  Nu-Metal, Hard Rock, Alt Metal

Years Active:  2015- Present


Label: Independent 



Love The Hate, the revered Active Rock band originating from the Gulf Coast Region, is credited for their heartfelt and thought-provoking anthems that never fail to resonate. Formed in 2015, this potent ensemble - comprised of Jrod McClain, Frank Killian, Jacob Arata, Rob Cabella, and Marshall Mears - has powerfully resonated the essence of their musical influences, notably Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown, while flawlessly injecting their unique signature into the genre.

Their remarkable discography includes the acclaimed "Studio Sessions" EP, released in 2023, and their 2016 full-length album "Burn". These transformative releases catapulted them into the limelight, gaining significant recognition and many praises. Their resonating single 'Solid Ground' conquered the charts, peaking at #16 on the Billboard Chart.

The band's persistent dominance in the music scene was underlined when they held the #1 spot on the Small Market Radio Chart for an astounding six weeks and The Sound 228 Dirty Thirty for three impressive weeks.


Love The Hate's success story further unfurls with various accolades such as an impressive haul of 4 Nappie Awards and a prestigious nomination for Best Rock Band by WXXV Fox 25.

With a deft touch of their distinct musicianship and continued passion, Love The Hate has indeed carved an irreplaceable niche within the rock landscape.


Their pulsating performances at legendary events including Nashville's Iron Fest, Georgia's Scarecrow Fest, Bike Week in Gettysburg, and Summerfest in Indiana have further entrenched them in the hall of rock fame.

The journey of Love The Hate testifies to their indomitable spirit and unyielding dedication to their craft. With soaring ambitions and raw talent, this dynamic quintet continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the rock arena - steadily climbing new heights while redefining the limits of the genre







Management - Kevin Harris with Full Circle Entertainment

Booking -Brandi Fontana with Full Circle Entertainment

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